Here are a few fun things that I've made over the years. Mainly to scratch my own itch

Laravel Generator

A little app that generates a model, controller, migration file and routes just by entering a model name. Allows you to easily copy and paste.

Git Search

A little app to discover, search and explore the best software engineers on Github. Includes the top 30 most popular Github users in the UK


A collection of HTML arrows that you can easily copy and paste into your projects. No more having to google "ascii arrows".

Code Videos

The youtube for developers. Featuring videos to improve your web development skills. Languages raneg from PHP to Python to Node.

Dev Scratchpad

I made this developer friendly scratch pad as I was getting tired of having a lot of my different tools on different websites so I put them all in to one...

Currency Exchange

I created this project when I visited Thailand for a summer vacation. I wanted to scratch my own ith and created a nice looking currency convertor.